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Tell us your Service Story

Help us preserve for future generations your military history


Why We Need Veterans Stories

When we formed the Covington Veterans Foundation, we adopted the motto, “A soldier never  dies until he is forgotten.” The author has tried to keep soldier’s and sailor’s stories alive by writing their story for the Andalusia Star News. They in turn have posted them online and we have shared them on Covington Veterans Foundation page on Facebook. Some are available on our website,


Most veterans are proud of their service and don’t mind letting us write their stories. We always get the subject’s approval before publishing. Many Vietnam veterans have not wanted to tell their story because it brings up bad memories, causing the veteran “to relive” them. The author understands that and we’ve lost several great stories because that was the case.


With all that being said, we encourage anyone who is a veteran or is related to a veteran, to contact the author through the Star-News, if they would like to have their story told.


Below is a questionnaire that gives the information needed by the author. If you would like to help keep a veteran’s story alive, please respond to the author, John Vick


We need date and place of birth and the following:


Parents names, number of siblings;


Education, high school college etc.;


Part time jobs before joining the military;


Drafted or volunteered. Date and basic training location and any

advanced training;


Date of deployment, location, arrival date, where sent after arrival;


Make an outline of "in-country" operations in Vietnam or where ever deployed;


Make notes of any battle action. We can question you in person about specifics;


Date of return, date of marriage and wife's name;


Post-war education and work history;


And finally, awards, medals etc.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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