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The mission of the Covington Veterans Foundation is to preserve, recognize and honor the service and sacrifice of former and current members of the United States Armed Forces who have lived and worked in Covington County, AL.  All proceeds from the organization are used to help fulfill our mission of education and support.

Board Members

thumbnail_John Vick, Chairman.jpeg

John Vick


thumbnail_Ben Bowden, President.jpeg

Ben Bowden


thumbnail_Michelle Gerlach.jpeg

Michelle Gerlach


thumbnail_Teresa Ward, Treasurer.jpeg

Teresa Ward


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Terry Powell


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Robert Evers

Board Member

thumbnail_Sammy Glover.jpeg

Sammy Glover

Board Member

thumbnail_Harold Burnham.jpeg

Harold Burnham

Board Member

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Amy Dugger

Board Member

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Brenda Gouge

Board Member

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Carol Mullis

Board Member

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Doris Tyler

Board Member

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Sue Bass Wilson

Board Member

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Trippy McGuire

Board Member

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Linda Moore

Board Member

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John Roach

Board Member